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The Vévé Seashore - A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears EP

The Vévé Seashore
A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears EP

Genre: Surreal Psychedelic Folk Label: Dying For Bad Music So here is another digital release from DFBM. After the "Seven Years of Gulliver", a strange journey through wooden guitar strumming and campfire folk on helium, they isolate their hit "A …
Moonwood - The Path

The Path

Genre: Psych Folk Label: Arachnidisc This is a split cassette with a live concert of Theo Angell on one side. Unfortunately I only know the Moonwood side, but it's fucking magnificent! If you remember, the River Ghost album was a mostly instrume …
Moonwood - River Ghost

River Ghost

Genre: Psych Folk, Experimental Label: Arachnidiscs Moonwood is multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger from Canada and he is a pretty prolific musican. Put out some great records in the past and River Ghost is his freshest one. Just released today …
Mixtape #33 - Spring Reverb

Mixtape #33
Spring Reverb

Genre: Lo-Fi Garage Pop Electronica Folk Trash Exotica Ok, Time Of... another mixtape for the starting springtime. Again we pick our latest founds and faves bring them in a nice order with some jumps back and forth in history and changing the mood …
Élément Kuuda - 2010 - Flight

Élément Kuuda
2010 - Flight

Genre: ambientol psychedelika Label: Brise-Cul Records After a long time some exciting, interesting and unique ambient music here. It's Christian Richer from Canada and he recently started the new buzz called The Haiduks. This is …
WYLD WYZRDZ - 2011 - Free Magic

2011 - Free Magic

Genre: New New Age, Esoterica, Wellness, Psychedelic Label: Inner Island One of our favorite and highest praised and ever busy artists is Braden J. McKenna with his 1000 projects and releases in the past. With his new WYLD WYZRDZ release he walks …
Woods - Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Genre: Indie-Psych-Folk-Soupergroup Label: Woodsist Psych-Folk-Supergroup Woods, announce a new record in mid-June called Sun & Shade and they were on Europe Tour the last weeks. The following live set was recorded in Stockholm/S …
Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Magdalena Solis
Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Genre: psych porn, krautrock Label: Dying For Bad Music This video describes Magdalena Solis music perfectly. Tinted in ecstatic purple red, exotic women move their bodys lascivious, graceful, sensual, mystic. Some footage reminds me on Walerian …
Magdalena Solis - 2011 - Hesperia

Magdalena Solis
2011 - Hesperia

Genre: Psychedelic, Surreal, Space Rock Label: Dying For Bad Music The second Magdalena Solis album is finally released on Dying For Bad Music. After their debut Lady of the Wild Thing they record a solid psychedelic masterpiece, which is a grea …

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