Chauchat - Upon Thousands

Upon Thousands

Chauchat - Upon Thousands

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Genre: Indie, Folk, Shoegaze
YerBird (US)
Similar Artists: As if Galaxie 500 meets mid 80's Sonic Youth to play some early 90's Codeine

I'm really addicted to them since last year love sickness and maybe that's the theme of Chauchats music.
"I was interested in the relationship between sickness and love, as well as the idea that you could really come to know someone without ever having interacted with them," Whitney says. "It was an attempt to reverse the common songwriting process, which typically reproduces Hans' tactics of watching a woman from across the room, making her into a pure abstraction or idealization."
If you like them, you need to load the free self-titled album (with all lyrics) and you can download the full album Cardboard Projectors and The Homeless Shelter on There are really some pearls on it! (Eyelash, Meganne (Natural Ice version)) Check this!

  1. Murdering Chair
  2. Let's Get Sick
  3. Yoko Turns 71
  4. Fight Obscurity
  5. Slayer Bitch
  6. Beat Ups
  7. Hospice Song
  8. A Stylization of Health
  9. Grievances
  10. Ten Years of Pregnancy
  11. I Grew Up in the Shadow of Your Death Drive
  12. Marriage of Misunderstandings
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