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Mixtape #51 - Jet Lag Sleepover

Mixtape #51
Jet Lag Sleepover

Here you go with some November darkness. Post Neo Goth Punk Surf Wave. Good Night! Jesse Ru ins ~ Dream Analysis – (from Dream Analysis, 2012) info Black Ma rble ~ Pretender – (from A Diffe rent Arrangement, …
Mixtape #49 - Play For The Spring

Mixtape #49
Play For The Spring

Here we are with a new mixtape, centered around the so called American Primitve Guitar style. This is an extremly bisased collection, based on my personal taste and contains well known stuff, some unknown guitarists and lacks of a lot guitarists whic …
Mixtape #48 - Sleepless Summer Nights

Mixtape #48
Sleepless Summer Nights

This is not for a stinky beach trip or to get lost in the woods. It's not the soundtrack to a party or to get stoned to or to have fun to. There is no intention, it's just what it is. My personal favorites - a diary - crutches to stand tall.. …
Mixtape #47 - The Magical Promise

Mixtape #47
The Magical Promise

Road trips which include driving into the sunrise hold magical promise. (profp) This mix took ages to setup - but I am happy to have finished. Maybe it's right in time if you leave for vacation and need some soundtrack for your night drives. …
Mixtape #46 - Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Mixtape #46
Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Music from bedrooms, practice rooms and tiny studios... There is almost no story behind, just a collection of tracks from the last months and a found picture of a bedroom rocker... enjoy via stream @8tracks or download Write comments, these boxes …
Mixtape #45 - Supermoon

Mixtape #45

Supermoon (Perigee Moon) this weekend! Means the moon make its closest approach to earth. Means (s)he is bigger than anytime else in the year. Means more gravity, and because we are made from water some tidal waves will roll through our bodies and pe …
Best Records 2011 - Top 23

Best Records 2011
Top 23

So here is the DFBM Top 23 - Best Records 2011 - Year End List blabla... It's so uneven, to give some extra space in case I found an album on December the 31th which hit me so hard that it have to be included here. The order ist not really importan …
Top 10 EP / Singles 2011 at Dying For Bad Music

Top 10 EP / Singles 2011 at Dying For Bad Music

As everyone who runs a blog and thinks someone cares about the own taste/opinion, I compile a nerdy list of stuff that a) no one knows or b) everybody already talks about or c) just reflects personal taste and holds nothing innovative. So here we go …
Mixtape #42 - Down in the Valley

Mixtape #42
Down in the Valley

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Psych, Bedroom Pop So for those of you, who were to lazy to follow the last posts here at DFBM, I've compiled the best of the rest. The good, the bad and the ugly music... whatever. We have a great track by Heart …

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