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Andrew Gillis - Interview

Andrew Gillis

I first heard about Rebecca's Room via the great Weird Canada blog, which features - you guess it, all styles of indie music from Canada. Then I found out, that there is not so much to find out about Rebecca's Room (beside the fact, that …
The Paellas - Lights / Long Night Comes

The Paellas
Lights / Long Night Comes

The Paellas are from Osaka, Japan and play the well know retro-surf-sound of the last 3 years (think of Beach Fossils, That Ghost etc) - So nothing new here you may think, but they managed to not drown their sound in too much reverb or fuzzed it out …
Mixtape #48 - Sleepless Summer Nights

Mixtape #48
Sleepless Summer Nights

This is not for a stinky beach trip or to get lost in the woods. It's not the soundtrack to a party or to get stoned to or to have fun to. There is no intention, it's just what it is. My personal favorites - a diary - crutches to stand tall.. …
Hot Babes - Hot Babes Cool Surf

Hot Babes
Hot Babes Cool Surf

2012 # lofi, surf, garage pop
Does anyone remember Wavves? Me neither! With and after them came so much bands that sound similar boring or just better, so Wavves (or better Nathan) stumbled over their bong and stay laying down. Hot Babes are not really compareable to Wavves, …
Bakers At Dawn - I'm Going with You Now and I'll Always Be True

Bakers At Dawn
I'm Going with You Now and I'll Always Be True

Bakers at Dawn is Marcus Sjöland from Malmö, Sweden - we featured him a lot previously, because he writes and records lovely music. It's often melancholic, full of surprises and with great melodies. On this album, the track "Pl …
Mixtape #45 - Supermoon

Mixtape #45

Supermoon (Perigee Moon) this weekend! Means the moon make its closest approach to earth. Means (s)he is bigger than anytime else in the year. Means more gravity, and because we are made from water some tidal waves will roll through our bodies and pe …
Campfires - Slaughter Tropes

Slaughter Tropes

2011 # lofi, garage pop
lofi indie pop Harsh and distorted pop by Campfires from Portland, reminds me on Elephant 6 stuff. Cake candied with broken bits of glass. Mmmh sweet, ouch. Well done. Buy cassette or download free 9/10 …
Chris Lyons - Dead Dog Drowning

Chris Lyons
Dead Dog Drowning

Genre: Singer Songwriter, Lofi Blues Remember OCS (now Thee Oh'Sees)? It was some bedroom folk blues and somehow Chris Lydon reminds me on this, and early Fionn Regan and some other folk/singer songwriter dudes. If you like such stuff then don't w …
Forest Porridge - Thunder Bunder

Forest Porridge
Thunder Bunder

2008 # lofi, bedroom pop, punk
Genre: bedroom freak pop This is full of surprises and I found myself listen to it a lot. Handsome Devil, Carnation and Three Seasons is a good first encounter. Don't know anything about the dude and I am too lazy to ask google or something else …

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