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Jason the Swamp - 2009 - As Is the Sun

Jason the Swamp
2009 - As Is the Sun

Genre: Homerecording Indie Folk Beauty Label: Rack & Ruin Records / self If you follow this blog, you might know Jason the Swamp, unfortunately he released nothing new as follower to As Is the Sun. But he set up a bandcamp page an …
Vacation - Transmissions


Freak Folk, Bedroom Folk New ep from the freak folk, bedroom folk outfit Vacation. I skipped two releases but they sound still the same. This time they present coverversion by The Cure, Neil Young, Guided by Voices and well, I expected a Joy Division …
Nate Henricks - NTH MERIDIAN

Nate Henricks

Bedroom Folk, Laptop Folk Another one by Nate Henricks - where everyone records lofi albums on old retro tape maschines, he is recording through the mic on his mac, using garage band... The quality and complexity is quite impressing. Some overdriv …
Seth Frightening - B.Hoo/The Prince and His Madness

Seth Frightening
B.Hoo/The Prince and His Madness

Folk, Indie Folk, Sonorous Circle Seth Frightening are from New Zealand and it's not surprising that this is connected to the Glass Vaults (via small country/music scene/label). Seth Frightening plays eerie bedroom folk. And while the 2010 releas …
Heidi Harris - Mr. Fox Trots

Heidi Harris
Mr. Fox Trots

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter This was recommended to me by Nick Castell . Heidi Harris is from Brooklyn, NY and play some kind of folk music. A bit freak folk, a bit so called new weird america, what ever this mean. This shorty is made with a ci …
Nate Henricks - Horse Carrot ​/​ ​Lemonade Guarantee

Nate Henricks
Horse Carrot ​/​ ​Lemonade Guarantee

Genre: quirky lofi bedwrooom folk Short and really entertaining record. It's as colorful and toxic, lovely and deadly as the cover suggest. Experimental collages and sound effects paired with nice lovely folk songs. Really enjoyable. Check Rabb …
Fingerless - 5:18


Genre: Acid Folk "Hey Mr. Tambourine men play some backwards guitar for me." This would sum up Brisbane based Marc Cheeseman's music... partly. Good seventies influenced acid folk songs, where acid is the backward electric guitar, some reverbed fl …
Mixtape #39 - No Place Like Home

Mixtape #39
No Place Like Home

Genre: LoFi, Freak, Psych, Folk Folk So this mixtape covers again the stuff that we listen and lot currently. Most you will find here on blog others on the internet. It's mostly folky stuff. Another mixtape will follow in a few minutes. Hope you …
Johnny Appleseed - in with the old

Johnny Appleseed
in with the old

Genre: Freak Folk, Lo-Fi, Garage Folk Label: self No infos about the Johnny Appleseed who recorded these nice garage folk songs and upload them to bandcamp for your listening pleasure. Bits and pieces of rock'n'roll, sixties surf, americana, fol …

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