Vacation - Transmissions

Recorded and Mixed by Wayne Memmer at Silver Stream Studios, New Windsor, NY
Wayne Memmer: vocals, guitar, synth, percussion, loops
Rachel Asher: vocals, guitar, synth, cello, violin, loops

Mastered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Recording, New Paltz, NY

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Vacation - Transmissions

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Freak Folk, Bedroom Folk

New ep from the freak folk, bedroom folk outfit Vacation. I skipped two releases but they sound still the same. This time they present coverversion by The Cure, Neil Young, Guided by Voices and well, I expected a Joy Division coverversion but all I get is some Lana Del Ray. DEFUQ. Hahaha... This Blue Jeans thing itself is a coverversion of Chris Isaak's - Wicked Game, but that's obvious. And at least, the Vacations version is better.

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