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dfbm #72 - Smoke and Strings

dfbm #72
Smoke and Strings

Two hours of smoke and strings. Better open your window afterwards or leave the house! Lots of obscure and already dead folks. Others are very alive, but probably are not so well known either. In times of the internet, nothing is really lost. Many r …
Fingerless - 5:18


Genre: Acid Folk "Hey Mr. Tambourine men play some backwards guitar for me." This would sum up Brisbane based Marc Cheeseman's music... partly. Good seventies influenced acid folk songs, where acid is the backward electric guitar, some reverbed fl …
Gkfoes vjgoaf - 2011 - The Joy of Awakening

Gkfoes vjgoaf
2011 - The Joy of Awakening

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental, New New Age Acid Folk Label: Inner Islands As far as I know the artist behind this unpronounceable moniker released a bunch of cd-r/tapes and this is his vinyl debut on Inner Islands. The whole album is a shim …

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