Gkfoes vjgoaf - 2011 - The Joy of Awakening

Music and art by Sean Conrad.

"The joy of awakening to new energies. Establishing my link to the Earth and its magick."

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Gkfoes vjgoaf
2011 - The Joy of Awakening

Gkfoes vjgoaf - 2011 - The Joy of Awakening

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Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental, New New Age Acid Folk
Label: Inner Islands

As far as I know the artist behind this unpronounceable moniker released a bunch of cd-r/tapes and this is his vinyl debut on Inner Islands.

The whole album is a shimmering trip through the nature and through yourself - to fill this picture with some esoterica. Lots of layered loops, some great acoustic guitars tunes, birds, tablas and ancient chants.
Mighty like a cathedral in the woods.
Peaceful as a bunch of stoned hippies on the beach. Colourful as their batik dyed t-shirts.

[mp3] gkfoes vjgoaf - Samatha

Here is what he said about the album:
The Joy of Awakening is a series of pieces comprised of spontaneous creative energies. The “joy,” referred to in the title, has been awakening to the energies and feelings inside myself and channeling them with my body. It is a spiritual time for me and this is my sacred music, my temple music. The album, conceptually, has come to be about a journey that the listener goes on. Imagine your celestial body traveling and being taken by an unseeable tribe of spirits that are trying to help you see the true nature of things. They sing and play for you and lead you from day to night through the forest, the ocean, and up into the mountains to reach your final resting place in the temple. Don’t expect anything, as usual, but this is my image.
You can stream the whole album on bandcamp and order the vinyl version (and this has to be heard on vinyl) on Inner Islands labelpage


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