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Nate Henricks - Horse Carrot ​/​ ​Lemonade Guarantee

Nate Henricks
Horse Carrot ​/​ ​Lemonade Guarantee

Genre: quirky lofi bedwrooom folk Short and really entertaining record. It's as colorful and toxic, lovely and deadly as the cover suggest. Experimental collages and sound effects paired with nice lovely folk songs. Really enjoyable. Check Rabb …
Mike Tamburo - Alchemical Marriage

Mike Tamburo
Alchemical Marriage

Genre: Psych Folk, Trance I know Mike Tamburo's music for around two years - when I listen to it first, it reminds me on some music in older Czech films. Mike wrote me some days ago to introduce me some new music he worked on and so I found out, h …
Wilhelm and the Dancing Animals - The Forests Have no Name

Wilhelm and the Dancing Animals
The Forests Have no Name

Genre: Folk Punk, Pop When an album starts like this nice little EP, then it can only win. With three tracks this EP is very short but highly enjoyable and it spends a lot of energy. A couple from Spain frolic around with the owls, deers and foxes …
Tea Leigh - Some songs

Tea Leigh
Some songs

Genre: Lo-Fi, Singer Songwriter. Girl named Tea play songs on guitar, sing and record on hissing cassette tapes. Low-Fye could be her brother in mind. It's really nice - and while you stream their stuff, browse through her tumblr. And @ Mrs. Tea …
peopling - peopling EP

peopling EP

Genre: Experimental, Garage Punk, Power Electronics Ok, some harsher sounds now from Brooklyn from peopling. Sounds like a mixture of soften power-electronics. Does this make sense? Soft Power Electronics? I don't think so. But - the stuff that I …
Desolation Wilderness - 2011 - Feature-Length Motion Picture + OST

Desolation Wilderness
2011 - Feature-Length Motion Picture + OST

Genre: Surreal Horror Flick, Indie Folk Wanna see an indie horror flick with music by cool bands like WHY?, Karl Blau, Velvet Davenport, Jason the Swamp? So finally, after a long period of silence these guys finished and released their indie h …
Carloman - s/t


Chamber Pop, Baroque Pop, Psych Pop self If Walther von der Vogelweide lives today, he would make music like this. Ok, not really, Walther was a bit later than the real Carloman. Maybe as late as this Carloman play music from around 50 years ago. I …
Fingerless - 5:18


Genre: Acid Folk "Hey Mr. Tambourine men play some backwards guitar for me." This would sum up Brisbane based Marc Cheeseman's music... partly. Good seventies influenced acid folk songs, where acid is the backward electric guitar, some reverbed fl …
Summer Fiction - By the Sea

Summer Fiction
By the Sea

2011 # pop, dream pop, sixties
Genre: pop Summer is over, just some blurry images remain. So is Summer Fiction's free single By The Sea from the self titled 2010 album. Great Zombies influenced pop. 9/10 …

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