Mike Tamburo - Alchemical Marriage

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Recorded at home the 11th of September 2009 except track The Chemical Bride which was recorded live by Steve Stanford on the 29th of August at Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring,MD

Jeremy Hedges and Jen Quinio asked me to play music for their wedding. They had me learn a few Bach pieces and asked if I would write some of my own music as well. I happily did this and some of the results are here. I had to find a tuning that would work for all of the Bach pieces. I ended up using a G major and a D major tuning. It was a much happier tuning than I had ever worked with on the hammered dulcimer and, in turn, became a much different piece for me to write.

It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt like I played quite well. I kept working on these songs even after the wedding was over and ended up making a lot of changes. I had reread The Chemical Marriage of C.R.C. around this time and my thoughts wandered to ideas about self initiation and the ‘marriage’ of the spirit, mind and body. What started out as simply being wedding music, soon morphed into the soundtrack for the preparation of the Philosopher’s Stone. I guess it was all held together in my mind by the word Marriage and musically it was all held together by The Bride’s Theme.

I wish Jeremy and Jen a happy life together and I am touched that they had me be such an integral part of their union.

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Mike Tamburo
Alchemical Marriage

Mike Tamburo - Alchemical Marriage

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Genre: Psych Folk, Trance

I know Mike Tamburo's music for around two years - when I listen to it first, it reminds me on some music in older Czech films. Mike wrote me some days ago to introduce me some new music he worked on and so I found out, he got a lot of recordings on bandcamp. So here we are with one of his best work (at least for me) on hammered dulcimer. A marriage themed record, which was written for a real marriage and changed later to a more spirtual themed work. Read all the background story on the album site on bandcamp.
A truly beautiful work.
You should definitely checkout his other records!


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