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Moor Hound - 2010 - Love In My Jaws

Moor Hound
2010 - Love In My Jaws

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter Label: self Classic Singer-Songwriter/Folk stuff from U.S. There are lot of similar musicians outside known and unknown, but why not give him a try? The use of banjo is always a plus, so go to Steve's bandcamp grab …
V.A. - 2011 - Headed For The Ditch: A Tribute To Neil Young

2011 - Headed For The Ditch: A Tribute To Neil Young

Genre: lofi, pop, chill wave Label: Universal Electricity As the title says, a Neil Young tribute sampler with some interpretations by Vacation, Breakfast in Fur, Fossil Cities and more. I am not so much into Neil Young, just know some classics a …
Chushi - 2011 - Plains Of Delight (ep)

2011 - Plains Of Delight (ep)

Genre: LoFi CutUp Pop Label: self Again from Russia with love, some shorty weird cut-up experimental pop. The loops are so uneven but it fits in some magical way. It all sounds like faulty radio that plays skipping soul records. Taste this! …
Motorama - 2011 - One Moment

2011 - One Moment

Genre: Post-Punk Label: self Motorama, our Post-Punk heroes from Russia released a single track after their wonderful album Alps. They hit the DFBM 2010 Toplist on position 4 and thrilled us with their much darker project Утро. They are on t …
Mixtape #33 - Spring Reverb

Mixtape #33
Spring Reverb

Genre: Lo-Fi Garage Pop Electronica Folk Trash Exotica Ok, Time Of... another mixtape for the starting springtime. Again we pick our latest founds and faves bring them in a nice order with some jumps back and forth in history and changing the mood …
Die Jungen - 2011 - $

Die Jungen
2011 - $

Genre: Reverbed Sixties Pop Label: self Why did these Brits choose a german bandname (The Boys)? But ok, "The Boys" play some very american influenced early sixties pop with some surf notes, close dance ballads, squeaky combo organs (♥) and lot …
The Ruined Frame - 2008 - Breath and Pulse

The Ruined Frame
2008 - Breath and Pulse

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Fuzz, Twang, Lofi rampage Label: Human Conduct Records Great and unique and creative Singer-Songwriter stuff in vein of Dylan, Cohen etc. but with more drive. Lot's of toy instruments, weird melodies, organs and some fuz …
Sean Moore - 2011 - Love is Music is Love

Sean Moore
2011 - Love is Music is Love

Genre: Dream Pop, Ambient Label: self Short EP about Love and Music and Love performed by Sean & Ashley Moore. Keytracks may be the John Lennon and Beach Boys coverversions. God only knows in a pretty nice version. Free to download via bandca …
LØSD - 1996 - Korganics

1996 - Korganics

Genre: Analogue Electronica, Techno, Space Noise Label: Korg/Korm Plastics Just ripped an old record from 1996 - dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first affordable monophonic patchable synths, - the MS Serie by Korg (especially the MS-10/2 …

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