Motorama - 2011 - One Moment

2011 - One Moment

Motorama - 2011 - One Moment

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Genre: Post-Punk
Label: self

Motorama, our Post-Punk heroes from Russia released a single track after their wonderful album Alps. They hit the DFBM 2010 Toplist on position 4 and thrilled us with their much darker project Утро.
They are on tour right now and we had no luck to see them live on their first gig in Dresden, because they had a car accident. But they are fine and they come back later. Don't miss them on tour!
I think they are fun, live.

In the meantime - from Russia with love
[mp3] Motorama - One Moment (2011)
[mp3] Motorama - Lantern (2008 - Bear)

Motorama - 2010 - Alps @freemusicarchive

Visit Motorama Website and download all for free

One of the best bands ever!


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