Moor Hound - 2010 - Love In My Jaws


Recording took place at home and at Grim Face Studios by Anthony Price in Venice, FL.

Zachary Anderson - Drums

Cindy Blackburn - Voice

Katie Yaklin - Cover Photo

All songs mastered by Anthony Price except for "Virginia" and "You Never Knew A Noble Heart In Me." Those were mastered by Chad Wahlbrink.


Chad Wahlbrink

Katie Yaklin Photography


All songs written by Steven Marino.

© 2010 Moor Hound

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Moor Hound
2010 - Love In My Jaws

Moor Hound - 2010 - Love In My Jaws

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Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Label: self

Classic Singer-Songwriter/Folk stuff from U.S. There are lot of similar musicians outside known and unknown, but why not give him a try? The use of banjo is always a plus, so go to Steve's bandcamp grab the files or buy the nice looking disc or shirt or meet him on April, 22 in Florida at his show.

Virgina stands out, yes!

Love In My Jaws by Moor Hound


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