Die Jungen - 2011 - $

Die Jungen
2011 - $

Die Jungen - 2011 - $

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Genre: Reverbed Sixties Pop
Label: self

Why did these Brits choose a german bandname (The Boys)? But ok, "The Boys" play some very american influenced early sixties pop with some surf notes, close dance ballads, squeaky combo organs (♥) and lots of nostalgia, drenched in a giant cloud of reverb. Maybe they are just shy and try to obfuscate their love to these cheesy sounds. But there is no need to, because it's a perfect trip back in time of your (grand)parents, when they were sexy and cool people.
Get it on bandcamp for a minimal amount, it's really worth it!

Intro to Dark Days 011 from elliott giffis on Vimeo.

Die Jungen @ Facebook - bandcamp


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