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Secret Name - 2005 - demo

Secret Name
2005 - demo

Genre: Sadcore, Acoustic, Neo Folk This is a demo by a french duo. Wonderful melancholic songs, which reminds a bit on Codeine - that's the sadcore reference.JL is making music as Imagho which got a more experimental nature. Guitars and Laptop proces …
Meursault - 2007 - demo

2007 - demo

Genre: Folk, Punk 2 angry young mans with wooden guitars, from germany (there is another folk band called meursault). Sadly they broke up. meursault is an anarchist folk punk band from kaiserslautern & essen, germany. influenced by bands such …
Woods Live at pitchfork tv

Woods Live at pitchfork tv

Just stumbled upon some videos by Woods and want to share them At first on Pitchfurck TV a full liveset with a great new(?) track Death Rattles: (Link) Next one is a great acoustic set recorded in france: Rain on To clean Twisted Tongue Ring m …
Mixtape #2 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Mixtape #2
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Genre:Psych Folk, LoFi, Acoustic Next round of my selection of bad music. This time more acoustic stuff. Hopefully you will find something new and I am sure you will ;-).At this point I've got a request. If someone can provide more by Leopards Meat a …
Mixtape #1 - Ace Tone is in!

Mixtape #1
Ace Tone is in!

Genre: LoFi, Garage, Exotica So here is it, the first part of a loose mixtape serie for download. Thanks to, uhm the musicans and all musiclovers and Ace Tone is in! Some rare and lesser known tracks between some newer stuff. TracklistingHot Lava - [ …
bearhug - 2009 - Birds EP

2009 - Birds EP

# lo-fi
Genre: LoFi Taking lo-fi much lower. Between all the tape hiss and rumblings and cracklings you will hear some pretty nice songs played on harmonia, some guitar, glockenspiel, drums and voice. TracklistingBirds The singing Out of the cave Ghosts in …
Silent Paper Radios - 2009 - Reborn As A Wind Chime

Silent Paper Radios
2009 - Reborn As A Wind Chime

Genre: Folk, Singer Songwriter Label: No LabelSimilar Artists: Bon Iver, Akron/Family Well this guy seems to be a true Hippie. Drawing Peace-Signs, smoking joints, play on acoustic guitar and give away his songs for free. And do not tag his mp3s prop …
Mujercitas Terror - 2007 - Mujercitas Terror

Mujercitas Terror
2007 - Mujercitas Terror

Genre: Post Punk, Rockabilly Label: ?! (Argentinia) Don't know what I should write. It's a mixture of eighties Cave Rock, Post-Punk, Garage and Rockabilly. With male and female vocals and lot of rawness as well as melodies. Hard to find, try it! …
The Dodos - Live at ULU, London

The Dodos
Live at ULU, London

Wonderful Liverecording by The Dodos from September 2008. This is the audio-track from the bonus DVD of the special edition of Visiter. Includes a new unreleased title (Untitled)More Dodos related stuff will come... (Meric Long, Dodo Bird EP) Label: …

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