Mixtape #1 - Ace Tone is in!

Mixtape #1
Ace Tone is in!

Mixtape #1 - Ace Tone is in!

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Genre: LoFi, Garage, Exotica

So here is it, the first part of a loose mixtape serie for download. Thanks to, uhm the musicans and all musiclovers and Ace Tone is in!
Some rare and lesser known tracks between some newer stuff.

  1. Hot Lava - [Lavalogy] Mummy Beach
  2. The Gris Gris - [For The Season] For The Season
  3. Intelligence - [Fake Surfers] Pony People
  4. Van Shipley - [Bollywood Steel Guitar] Mahbooba Mehbooba
  5. Cara del Gato - [Green Fingers] Only Daughter
  6. Sangwan Lokum - [Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan] Ganja Better Than Booze
  7. Nerve City - [Catholic School] Junkyard
  8. Woods - [Ram] Woods Children
  9. nice at home - [visitor] older the song
  10. Nothing People - [Anonymous] I - 5
  11. the fourth way - [unknown] the far side of your moon
  12. Syamsudin - [Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2 #12] Talang Denti
  13. Tyvek - [Fast Metabolism] Air Conditioner
  14. Women - [Women] Cameras

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