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Dariush Dolat-Shahi - 1985 - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

Dariush Dolat
Shahi - 1985 - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

Genre: Avantgarde, Electronic, Folk You are into Psych Folk, Electronic music and stuff? Well it may be wrong to classify this music as Psych Folk, because the intention of this Iranian-American Composer is another than taking LSD and play stoned ja …
Children Egoism - 2010 - twelve

Children Egoism
2010 - twelve

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental Label: NOECHO Records Found this by randomly clicking comments on my MySpace (you know, those advertisings ;-)) It's a short ep which is really interesting. It's about dualism "Twelve" represents an alchemyc dualism …
Mixtape #15 - March Hares

Mixtape #15
March Hares

Genre: Psych Folk, Homerecording, Pop So goodbye wintertime - the last spots of snow here in the mountains are melting and the sun shines bright and show the dead ground and weed and trees. But not for so long, new life will break through. Hello spr …
Guanaco ± - 2008 - Caves Of Holy Light

Guanaco ±
2008 - Caves Of Holy Light

Genre: Psych Folk Drone Label: Blackest Rainbow (UK) (for the new record Sky Burials) Next round of psych drone folk music. Guanaco ± is the project of Lex Panay, on half of Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan. While BYPMJ is more song oriented, Guanaco …
Almaden - 2007 - Come On, Do The Monster Mash

2007 - Come On, Do The Monster Mash

Genre: Freaky Weird Folk Label: DeepWhiteSound Almaden is Michael Hilde, who's currently better known as Mountainhood. This is one of the best freakiest, weirdest, lofi folk outside. I saw cdrs of him for around $60 at discogs. Strange... however - i …
Wood-Land - 2009 - Rebuild

Land - 2009 - Rebuild

Genre: Freak Folk, Experimental, Psych, Drone Maybe you know Wood-Lands "Stone Circle" Album praised in highes words at Foxy Digitalis (whatever this mean ;-). It's really a good and weird record, full of organic sounds and hiss. To bridge the gap t …
Mixtape #14 - Psych Folk

Mixtape #14
Psych Folk

Genre: Psych Folk New Mixtape with lot of weird, magic psych folk stuff.Looped guitars, out of tune space rituals and hissing drone magic. Thanks to Magdalena Solis for providing an pre-listening track from their new album'Lady Of The Wild Things' E …
[Video] Magdalena Solis

[Video] Magdalena Solis

Genre: Psych Folk, Experimental Similar Artists: Gruntled, Gnod March Hare Weird Experimental Ritual Folk from Belgium.There is not so much to find. But visit their MySpace and take a listen.Especially "Pink Sock Parade" is a weird psych o …
Catrabbitred - gone songss

gone songss

Genre: Psych Folk Label: selfreleaseSimilar Artists: Panda Bear Very nice played songs full of hallucinating, dreamy athmosphere. Lot reverbed acoustic guitar, voices and sounds. Reminds me a bit on early Panda Bear. Check it! Tracklistingmy arms we …

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