[DFBM] - The Goner - Bitemarks EP - rereleased

Re-release on DYING FOR BAD MUSIC! More information here:


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The Goner - Bitemarks EP - rereleased

[DFBM] - The Goner - Bitemarks EP - rereleased

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Genre: Medieval Country Goth Psych Folk
Label: Dying For Bad Music

We are happy to annouce that the orphaned Bitemarks EP by The Goner from Sweden, found a new home here on DFBM. It's now a free flac/mp3 download. Five wonderful and different psychedelic folk songs.
From shining drones to tribalistic, medieval sounding psych folk to plain acoustic songs.

...Five different pieces showing the band’s mastery from crafting simple acoustic folk songs to the construction of walls of sound.
Psychedelic folk tales from the dark age, mystic and natural without being retro-visionary or overdramatic. The center piece of this EP, "Lost Summer", starts with a shimmering organ drone chord and shifts into a moving tribal theme.
The theme of traveling is picked up again in Oakmulgee Creek which leads to the end of this wonderful EP. The Goner leave you alone with a peaceful field recording of lonely bird calls.

This was first released on Sidways Through Sounds (AUS) but since they closed the doors this great EP was unavailable. But not anymore...

free download of Bitemarks EP by The Goner

And right here We've found a newer song on Soundcloud! Awesome, intense!

Hind Hand by The Goner

Check out their great release on Deep Water Acres, Behold a new Traveler, with the gorgeous "Within the Hour"!

MySpace -The Goner Website - Label Website

PS: If you like this EP you should definitely check out the Least Carpet EP on Dying For Bad Music

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