Wood-Land - 2009 - Rebuild

Land - 2009 - Rebuild

Wood-Land - 2009 - Rebuild

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Genre: Freak Folk, Experimental, Psych, Drone

Maybe you know Wood-Lands "Stone Circle" Album praised in highes words at Foxy Digitalis (whatever this mean ;-).
It's really a good and weird record, full of organic sounds and hiss.
To bridge the gap till it comes out on Install Records, they released a free remix compilation of Wood-Lands first record.
I don't know any of the contributed artists - but that means nothing. There is happening too much.
Well, the rebuilded versions different to each other.
I would mention the Brain Grainger version, the PAN rework and J.R. Harris. But try yourself. As Wood-Land would induce as name it sounds like getting lost in a forest.

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