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Own Road - Own Road EP

Own Road
Own Road EP

Genre: Psych Folk/Singer-Songwriter Label: Neh-Owh-Records Another fine release from Denmark, a country known for it's stinky, but tasty Havarti cheese. Folky Weirdo Pop miniatures with lots of nice details and ideas. The songwriting by Simon S …
Moongazing Hare - Weather Charms

Moongazing Hare
Weather Charms

Genre: Psych Folk Label: self Psych Folk from Denmark. Sounds like lost souls stray through the forest. Circling harmonica melodies, background noises, field recordings. Last track is a classic folk song sounding vocal piece. Some more albums a …
Moonwood - River Ghost

River Ghost

Genre: Psych Folk, Experimental Label: Arachnidiscs Moonwood is multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger from Canada and he is a pretty prolific musican. Put out some great records in the past and River Ghost is his freshest one. Just released today …
Mixtape #34 - Sole Memories

Mixtape #34
Sole Memories

Genre: Space-Psych-Lofi-Post-Experimental-Folk-Pop-Rock Time for another mixtape - or just enough stuff to compile and publish for your listening pleasure. I often enough ask myself - who listen to that unknown stuff? The artists whose tracks I us …
Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman) - Green Alum Springs

Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman)
Green Alum Springs

Genre: Appalachian Folk/Noise Label: ? I can't get enough of these young guys, playing old-time guitar music. Daniel Bachman as Sacred Harp was featured before with his beautiful Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation record, full …
Woods - Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Genre: Indie-Psych-Folk-Soupergroup Label: Woodsist Psych-Folk-Supergroup Woods, announce a new record in mid-June called Sun & Shade and they were on Europe Tour the last weeks. The following live set was recorded in Stockholm/S …
Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - 2011 - s/t

Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat
2011 - s/t

Genre: psych folk, folk Label: utupuu Wonderful quiet, dark and dreamy folk from Finlandia. Made in and for long winter evenings, but it's enjoyable in the springtime too. As I do right now. It reminds me on Current 93 in p …
Rebar and Plums - 2011 - Autobiography of Civilized Decline

Rebar and Plums
2011 - Autobiography of Civilized Decline

Genre: Homerecording, Psych Folk Label: none Often enough my mailbox is stuffed with promo shite of middle class, semi professional bands. Litanies of biographies, mentioning more unknown bands and tons of links to any stupid network. I don't rea …
The Agrarians - 2007 - "The Triple Fool" and Other Songs

The Agrarians
2007 - "The Triple Fool" and Other Songs

Genre: Psych Folk, Blues Label: self If you browse through the Freemusicarchive, sooner or later you will stumble upon The Rope River Blues Band, one of the most listened bands there. Matt Perzinski is part of The Rope River Blues Band and The Ag …

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