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Lac La Belle - s/t

Lac La Belle

I stumbled upon this country/old time folk goodie while searching for Nick Schillace's music. He is an amazinge fingerstyle guitar player (Fahey & Co, I know comparing every versatile steelstring picker to Fahey is a bit lame, but you'll …
Devon Flaherty - Hootenholler

Devon Flaherty

19 years old Devon Flaherty from Pittsburgh plays old timey folk music. Mainly banjo tunes and a version of my favorite tune by Buell Kazee - "The Wagoners Lad" as Polly Williams He's a pretty good banjo player, but as someone point …
String Band - All Caps

String Band
All Caps

Old Time, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Folk The new year starts off with a blues by the String Band and as on the cover it's a grumpy and fearful view into the future. String Band is Sam Moss and Jackson Emmer playing old time blues songs on banj …
Frank Fairfield - Poor Old Lance (video)

Frank Fairfield
Poor Old Lance (video)

Genre: Old Time, Bluegrass, Folk Label: Tompkins Square Frank Fairfield is known for being a time traveller. He plays the old american mountain music, wears old suits, speaks like back in time and he is just in his mid twenties. A true original. …
Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman) - Green Alum Springs

Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman)
Green Alum Springs

Genre: Appalachian Folk/Noise Label: ? I can't get enough of these young guys, playing old-time guitar music. Daniel Bachman as Sacred Harp was featured before with his beautiful Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation record, full …
Buell Kazee - Various

Buell Kazee

Genre: Old Time, Appalachian, Banjo This is some old timey appalachian banjo trippin folk music. Buell H. Kazee, together with Dock Boggs is not an unknown. At least if you are interested in such music or live in America. I am scratching just on t …
The Manly Deeds - 2009 - Flockheart EP

The Manly Deeds
2009 - Flockheart EP

Genre: Folk, American Roots Label: self I am sitting here with a cup of Turkish coffee and listening to the guys of The Manly Deeds. It's a nice culture clash, because they play american roots music/old time folk. I really like it. Worth to ment …

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