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dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non-Folk)

dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non

Here are the DFBM Non-Folk Favorites 2013 (no acoustic guitars!) as an extensive 1,5 hours long program of Psychedelic Space Punk (or whatever). The list is in no particular order - just as it sounded good in the mix. I hope you'll find somethin …
Mixtape #60 - Don't Speak To Me

Mixtape #60
Don't Speak To Me

Here we are with a two hour long program of american primitive, lofi, weird folk tunes. It might work as an Halloween Sountrack too. At least the cover is spooky enought. You'll find some mysterious American Lofi Folk by Norwegian C.Str&o …
Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

It's still summer, but the sun is leaving slowl this place over the northern hemisphere. Just warms up the corps of the past summer fun days and then freezes everything over night. Brrrr. Gives me a taste of the cumin' winter. No fun! Any …
Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Welcome to a new 2 hours program of psychedelic late-night folk, americana related music. New gatherings and old/odd findings stacked to a playlist for your listening pleasure. Leave a comment if the mix is down or if you have any question or to …
Mixtape #56 - Pre-Spring Blues

Mixtape #56
Pre-Spring Blues

The ghost of this long winter is still present, but it's fading. Quite right for the Walpurgis-Night on April, 30th. So here is two hours program of american primitivsm, old school, new school, no school steelstring guitar picking and sliding an …
Mixtape #55 - Leaving/Returning

Mixtape #55

I started this tape before I left to the US for a month and after my return I added the latest bits and pieces. I think it's a nice mixture of garage folk, pop punk, psychedelic pop, post-punk and I don't know what else. I just hope you enjoy …
Mixtape #54 - Foreshadowing

Mixtape #54

This is a two hour program of lofi folk, hill music, americana and strumming on wooden guitars in general; broadcasted from the past into the future. The theme is just made up by choosing this great found photo for the coverartwork, which shows, besi …
Mixtape #53 - Small Town Stoner

Mixtape #53
Small Town Stoner

It starts with some trippy psych tunes and then change to unchill post punk-indie-country-rock. Sounds strange but works. Enjoy! MMOSS ~ Spoiled Son – (from Only Children, 2012) bc Moonwood ~ Trans Lunar Express 1 …
Mixtape #52 - Autumn Trails

Mixtape #52
Autumn Trails

This mixtape sit since last month on 8tracks and finally I found some minutes to put it on here. It basically contains the finds from the last weeks. I hope youl find some new stuff here. Enjoy! Happily Ever Afterland Band ~ Luci …

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