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dfbm #102 - Morning Raga Pt. 18

dfbm #102 - Morning Raga Pt. 18

A new Morning Raga mix is available and I am so exited to start off with two exclusive pieces from soon to be released guitar records by Italian fingerstyle guitarist Alessadro Denti aka Waswas and Czech guitar duo Šimanský/Niesner. tl;dr Waswas al …
dfbm #100 - Morning Raga Pt. 17 - 1000 Rose Edition

dfbm #100 - Morning Raga Pt. 17 – 1000 Rose Edition

Welcome to the 100th digital mixtape on Dying For Bad Music. I'm using this milestone to highlight an upcoming festival of American Primitive Solo Guitar music, which will take place in Takoma Park, Maryland, the town where the young John Fahey evoke …
Egle Sommacal - Interview

Egle Sommacal

During the last months I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time with Egle Sommacal and there are some thoughts I can’t get out of my head since I met him. The subtractive attitude that let you catch the purest and more abstract perception of emot …
Matteo Fiorini - Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Matteo Fiorini
Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Very interesting guitar music from Italy again. The setting Matteo Fiorini has chosen to record his debut, is a former church with a beautiful natural reverb. He went there to let his guitar tell stories. Stories about Le grand électrificateur, a mo …
Mark Fosson - Solo Guitar

Mark Fosson
Solo Guitar

Digging in the Dust, the reissued demo tapes by Mark Fosson that he sent to Takoma Records in the late 70s, was one of the first records of a rediscovered American Primitive guitarists I've ever heard. Sure, there was Robbie Basho, Peter Walker, but …
dfbm #97 - Morning Raga Pt. 16

dfbm #97
Morning Raga Pt. 16

All strings considered. A new mix with most recent and almost forgotten solo acoustic and electric guitar work. tl;dr Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord released their debut on the label Dismal Niche a label from Missouri who also released a new Scott Tum …
Kevin Henry - Last Thoughts

Kevin Henry
Last Thoughts

Kevin Henry's album Last Thoughts is the soundtrack to a documentary and road movie he produced in 2006. In this award-winning documentary, filmmaker Kevin Henry retraces the travels of his grandfather Rob, a former rail-riding hobo who tape-record …
Rick Deitrick – Gentle Wilderness, River  Sun River Moon

Rick Deitrick
Gentle Wilderness + River Sun River Moon

Tompkins Square just reissued another gem from the treasure trove of their Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8 compilation, while the next one1 is already in the pipes. On that compilation, record collector Michael Klausman and Brooks Rice shared the most ob …
Youngkvist - Forms


I love field recordings. Recordings of environmental sounds were my photographs. I used to record the sounds of water, nature, and places and embedded them in my own music, like pasting photographs into a photo album. I loved the effect of mild confu …

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