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Vacation - Transmissions


Freak Folk, Bedroom Folk New ep from the freak folk, bedroom folk outfit Vacation. I skipped two releases but they sound still the same. This time they present coverversion by The Cure, Neil Young, Guided by Voices and well, I expected a Joy Division …
The Infant Cycle - A Mysterious Disc

The Infant Cycle
A Mysterious Disc

Experimental, Avantgarde, Soundscapes The Ceiling The Infant Cycle is Jim deJong from Canada. I know him since the beginning of my own musical struggles. We released stuff together and I always admired him for his creative use of sounds, the arrange …
Wyld Wyzrdz - Acceptance

Wyld Wyzrdz

ambient, neo new age, peace Inner Islands So this is the last Wyld Wyzrds album, but this doesn't mean Braden J. McKenna, the Coyote Dreamer quit his passion as creator of beautiful, peaceful ambient music. I suppose he will incarnate to some n …
Lee Noble - Persona

Lee Noble

Ghostly Electronic Drone Folk Bridgetown Records Lee Noble got a lot of buzz for his Horrorism album, last year. Me, myself and I like the Our Star, The Sun or No Becoming a bit more. And this tape stands in the same row as the both releases me …
First Nations - Glossolalia EP

First Nations
Glossolalia EP

Folk Pop, Indie Pop Coversongs from Goose Lake, friends of First Nations' Derek Janzen. 8/10 …
Butterbones - diverse


Homerecording Folk, Country, Pop Crystal Country Recs There is a shitload of albums on his bandcamp and so I picked his latest work. These Days Are Over is a folk EP, plain banjo songs and a piano driven song. Nice, and at the cover artwork fi …
Nate Henricks - NTH MERIDIAN

Nate Henricks

Bedroom Folk, Laptop Folk Another one by Nate Henricks - where everyone records lofi albums on old retro tape maschines, he is recording through the mic on his mac, using garage band... The quality and complexity is quite impressing. Some overdriv …
Campfires - Slaughter Tropes

Slaughter Tropes

2011 # lofi, garage pop
lofi indie pop Harsh and distorted pop by Campfires from Portland, reminds me on Elephant 6 stuff. Cake candied with broken bits of glass. Mmmh sweet, ouch. Well done. Buy cassette or download free 9/10 …
Brenton Parks - Whelk

Brenton Parks

2011 # pop, indie rock
Indie Rock, Pop If there were not these noisy, nineties indie rock numbers like Queens or Kissing Fire, it would be "just" a plain pop album, in some cases fully radio compatible. Maybe a bit too slick, but it's ok - it have some bedroom recording …

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