Wyld Wyzrdz - Acceptance

Wyld Wyzrdz

Wyld Wyzrdz - Acceptance

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ambient, neo new age, peace
Inner Islands

So this is the last Wyld Wyzrds album, but this doesn't mean Braden J. McKenna, the Coyote Dreamer quit his passion as creator of beautiful, peaceful ambient music.
I suppose he will incarnate to some new figure in his circle of friends (Stag Hare, gkfoes vjgoaf etc).

The first WW album was Light Upon Light... a great lofi sounding shoegaze album. Then the sound changed over the times and became more floating, ambient like, with looped percussion and tons of fresh air and sunlight.

So this is the "trademarked" neo new age sound of the fantastic Inner Islands label.

Hope you'll enjoy, support them and buy their records!

Oh not to forget a short movie by Lawrence Martinez featuring music by the Inner Islands Family.

The Range of Light from ∞∞∞ on Vimeo.

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