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Best Coast - 2011 - Daytrotter Session

Best Coast
2011 - Daytrotter Session

Genre: Indiegaragesurftrash Label: Mexican Summer Is it my first Daytrotter post this year? I don´t know and actually it doesn´t really matter. In general I need to admit that I´m quite into the surftrash stuff from Best Coast, even though …
Élément Kuuda - 2010 - Flight

Élément Kuuda
2010 - Flight

Genre: ambientol psychedelika Label: Brise-Cul Records After a long time some exciting, interesting and unique ambient music here. It's Christian Richer from Canada and he recently started the new buzz called The Haiduks. This is …
Supersonic Piss - 2011 - UMBILICAL NOOSE

Supersonic Piss

Genre: Noise Punk, Supersonic Piss Label: self This is kind of a lame repost. Just have to add - it sounds a bit like early Sonic Youth and your local HC punks - super-fast and super-punk. Good shit after long time abstinence from rude punk stuff …
The Haiduks - Use Up My Time (video)

The Haiduks
Use Up My Time (video)

I clearly understand why The Fucksy Digitalis like that stuff and going to release this on tape in summer 2011. Contemporary distorted lofi garage/bedroom pop with the twist of an odd running, fucked up tape maschine. THE …
Os Ovni - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Os Ovni
2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Genre: Synth Psych Dream Heart Duo. Label: Beko (and others) - Website Duo from Austin/TX with two minimal synth tracks. Maybe it's part of that so called Witch House genre. Don't know, because don't care that much about this Neo Goth shite. But …
WYLD WYZRDZ - 2011 - Free Magic

2011 - Free Magic

Genre: New New Age, Esoterica, Wellness, Psychedelic Label: Inner Island One of our favorite and highest praised and ever busy artists is Braden J. McKenna with his 1000 projects and releases in the past. With his new WYLD WYZRDZ release he walks …
Woods - Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Live @ Hornstull Strand (SE)

Genre: Indie-Psych-Folk-Soupergroup Label: Woodsist Psych-Folk-Supergroup Woods, announce a new record in mid-June called Sun & Shade and they were on Europe Tour the last weeks. The following live set was recorded in Stockholm/S …
Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - 2011 - s/t

Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat
2011 - s/t

Genre: psych folk, folk Label: utupuu Wonderful quiet, dark and dreamy folk from Finlandia. Made in and for long winter evenings, but it's enjoyable in the springtime too. As I do right now. It reminds me on Current 93 in p …
Buell Kazee - Various

Buell Kazee

Genre: Old Time, Appalachian, Banjo This is some old timey appalachian banjo trippin folk music. Buell H. Kazee, together with Dock Boggs is not an unknown. At least if you are interested in such music or live in America. I am scratching just on t …

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