by Mount Elephant

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File under: psychedelic, folk, ambient

Mount Elephant might be folk music from another world or from a backyard in your neighborhood. It sounds familiar and yet enigmatic. Primitive, pure, organic and meditative.

Recorded back in the mid-nineties, the music of this obscure release haunted me for years and I am happy to have the chance to save this from oblivion.

Release date: June, 1st 2013, comes in Stumptown ArigatoPack folder and mini poster and 2 hours of music.

11 untitled tracks on disc and 16 for download which comes with your purchase

Music by Mount Elephant/Diet Schütte
Archiving, digging and digitizing by Lutz Pruditsch
Artwork by Marcus Obst

About the Record

A story of lost and found audio and video recordings

A friend once made a mixtape for me with tracks from tapes he had in his distribution list. This was in the mid-nineties.
More than 10 years later I rediscovered the mixtape and started searching for the two Mount Elephant tracks he included, because they always stuck in my mind over the years. But I ended up with nothing. Even asking tape activists from back then, didn’t yield a result.
Finally, Lutz Pruditsch of Trümmer Tapes (who recorded the mixtape once) came up with a name and after he dug through some boxes, he finally sent me a recording of the tapes.
I was also able to contact Diet Schütte the artist, who’s still recording music for movies, for kids and for his own enjoyment.

Mount Elephant III is a compilation of the two tapes and includes a download code to all tracks (two hours of music) of Mount Elephant 1 + 2.

The Super-8 footage has a similar story.
A friend and I exchange packages with crap from our shelfs. Toys, photos, music, trash.
So I got those Super-8 film rolls and they were sitting on my shelf, dusty, never used.
They were titled with “Berlin Ku-damm” and “Karthago” 1964.
In absence of a Super-8 projector I put the rolls into a package to my love in the US.
So to my surprise, she gave me a DVD with the digitalized film. That’s what you see in the beginning of the teaser video. It’s the wonky amateur camera work turned into an amateur psychedelic video clip.

– Marcus Obst


me gustaría escribir algo realmente bonito sobre este disco pero una vez más sólo puedo dar las gracias. esta mañana recibía en mi correo esta maravilla, un regalo de Marcus de dfbm para el que difícilmente tengo palabras. al leer que tal vez podría pensar que es ‘otro disco indie con la palabra Mount en el nombre.’, no pude evitar esbozar una sonrisa de felicidad porque, muy al contrario, Mount es una palabra que me encanta y me predispone a que me guste, como field recordings, pastures o river. nada más escuchar la primera canción pensé en Head Of Wantastiquet, Bronze Horse o The Dove Azima, por la desnudez, por el halo de disco especial y atemporal. también en Golden Brown en la canción I-VII. es totalmente instrumental y hay field recordings, ladridos de perro, banjos, kalimbas, guitarras. como dice Marcus, es contemplativo, primitivo, puro, orgánico. pienso también en Cap’n Jack, discos que tienes que escuchar varias veces para ver si son reales, discos cuya historia con recopilatorios de hace diez años que casi caen en el olvido de por medio, los hace aún más especiales. es una suerte que el destino y Marcus hayan decidido recuperarlo al fin para nosotros.
Ana, microphones in the trees