The Bootleg – 16-May-2015
by The Great Park

Photos by Marcus Obst

File under: bootleg, live

Intense evening with Stephen Burch aka The Great Park. Burch's Problem Folk ranges from confusion to catharsis, from quiet whispers to possessed stomps. 


  1. Annabel
  2. Boys, I Am Worried
  3. The Royal Canal
  4. Lover O Lover
  5. Song for Fee
  6. I Was in the North Before the Fall
  7. Super Good Advice
  8. Leipzig
  9. Song for a Coalman
  10. (Talking)
  11. We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t
  12. So Long Song
  13. Deserter (Encore)
  14. When I Was Away (Encore)
  15. Make a Dead One of It (Encore)

Bootlegged May, 16th, 2015 in Schwarzenberg, Germany at Galerie Rademann

Recording and editing: Marcus Obst