The Bootleg – 16-Oct-2014
by Ryan Lee Crosby

Photos by Marcus Obst

File under: bootleg, live

With a wonderful redition of Nico's Frozen Warning and his Twelve-String guitar in the case, Ryan Lee Crosby from Boston, MA visited our little, cozy gallery. He played a great set, told stories about old blues guys and left people speachless.


  1. Intro
  2. Going To Bentonia
  3. Eight Years Gone
  4. Smokestack Lightning
  5. Winterhill Blues
  6. One Day Soon
  7. Special Rider Blues
  8. Frozen Warning (Nico)
  9. Institution Blues
  10. Banter
  11. Shake ‘Em On Down (Encore)

Bootlegged October, 16th, 2014 in Schwarzenberg, Ore Mountains, Germany at Galerie Rademann

Recording and editing: Marcus Obst

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