The Bootleg – 27-Sep-2012
by Daniel Bachman

All Photos by Marcus Obst

File under: bootleg, live

Having Daniel Bachman and his sister Sarah in our small town was absolutely lovely and it happend they met another friend here. Great concert, great people! See more here.


  1. Intro
  2. Mount Olive Cohoke
  3. White Oak
  4. Sunshine Over Old Rag
  5. Copperhead
  6. Honeysuckle Reel
  7. 218 to Caledon
  8. West 45th St.
  9. Seven Pines
  10. Perigee Moon
  11. Kensington Blues

Bootlegged September, 27th, 2012 in Schwarzenberg, Ore Mountains, Germany on a Zoom H2 electric razor, at Galerie Rademann

Recording and stuff: Marcus Obst