A Collector's Guidebook
by Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith, former model and alltime artist and musican. A mysterious person with many faces, guitars and quirky stories. Her songs are sparse, dark and haunting, somewhere between Jandek and Diane Cluck.


  1. Paris
  2. Gentle Rain
  3. Sirens
  4. Your World (broken bottles)
  5. Right
  6. New Circus In Town
  7. Your World (candied)
  8. Sub Rosa
  9. I Insist
  10. Left leg
  11. Your World (My Friend) by 29th September
  12. A Collector’s Guidebook

About Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Howdy First off Mr. & Mrs. Smith are both me.- Hollis Smith 2nd- I have a 5 yr old Mac laptop her name is Ol Lady She does all my secretarial work. Sometimes she forgets she has a job and stays home or goes off for long walks, and she never answers her cell. 3rd- I have a 1920’s house- Her name is The WildRose. She is sinking into the ground as I write. 4th- I don’t name everything with girl names. I had a guitar named Fred but he was stolen, and T-Bub, He’s a regular. I like old things, strange things, character, stories some folks say I’m a character. I have characters plenty of em but I’m Just Hollis. Like you would hire employees, certain traits and skills are designated to particular jobs. I’m just those colored lights you leave up year round on your porch. Duct taped and pieced together. This here is a “collection” of my characters, surroundings, and such that haunts me and keeps me up all night tap dancin in a mustache and tu-tu. With a Special Guest, My Best Friend- September 29th, bringin the beat to the feast. I do hope You enjoy your stay and Come Again. If you need to rest your head, Guest room is 2nd on the left. and Please Make Yourself at Home. Always a Pleasure -hollis


Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not only one of the worst movies of all time, but Hollis Smith with her guitar. Together they indulge in the Blues, indicating a much more entertaining team off with ‘Brangelina’.
Action is in the film, although the more essential, but a little theater plays Hollis. Not only in terms of their enthusiasm for linings, but also as regards the excessive drama of their songs. But everything remains in the context of what is tolerable and gives her stories fascinating variety. Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Florida offers no blockbuster, but sympathetic, bluesy lo-fi charm, characterized by a pleasant, expressive voice, and to stratified and is peppered with Hall on something. At Band Camp gave them five equally recommended albums.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is model and songwriter Hollis Smith singing very sparse lyrics over simple folk-styled guitar chords. Yet there is something hypnotic about this music. A Collector’s Guidebook is an album of original music that is haunting to the extreme. Droning with cryptic lyrics, Mr. and Mrs. Smith will keep you mesmerized.