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Victor Florence - Demo

Victor Florence

Genre: Singer Songwriter Label: self The new demos of Victor Florence are nothing new, if you know his past recordings. Just re-recorded stuff from previous releases. He put some more reverb on his voice and maybe improved his skills on guitar. A …
Vollmar - Island in the River

Island in the River

Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Acoustic/LoFi Label: Crossroads of America Records This totally reminds me on an acoustic solo session of early Microphones. A boy with guitar on an open window/in the backyard, record some songs on his guitar. Lot's of o …
Zachary Cale & The Rainband - Live at WFMU 2011

Zachary Cale & The Rainband
Live at WFMU 2011

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Alt-Rock Label: WFMU / All Hands Electric I think Zachary Cale will get more attention with his new album Noise of Welcome *, finally released yesterday. He stopped at the best freeform radio station WFMU, t …
Fergus & Geronimo - Daytrotter Session

Fergus & Geronimo
Daytrotter Session

2011 # garage pop
Genre: Garage Pop Label: Daytrotter Unlearn, the debut album by Fergus & Geronimo, after a few 7" is one of the best records of 2011. Even if I prefer the songs written by A. Savage a.k.a. Fergus, the whole album is a funny and ironic and tr …
Great Tap Root - Living Language

Great Tap Root
Living Language

Genre: Psychy Freak Folk One Man Orchestra Label: self Really wild and enjoyable freak folk from Baltimore. It's basically a one man show with some help from some friends. It's pretty bizarre, because it sounds like a bunch of hippies making all …
Own Road - Own Road EP

Own Road
Own Road EP

Genre: Psych Folk/Singer-Songwriter Label: Neh-Owh-Records Another fine release from Denmark, a country known for it's stinky, but tasty Havarti cheese. Folky Weirdo Pop miniatures with lots of nice details and ideas. The songwriting by Simon S …
Moongazing Hare - Weather Charms

Moongazing Hare
Weather Charms

Genre: Psych Folk Label: self Psych Folk from Denmark. Sounds like lost souls stray through the forest. Circling harmonica melodies, background noises, field recordings. Last track is a classic folk song sounding vocal piece. Some more albums a …
Norwegian Arms - Trimmings of Hides

Norwegian Arms
Trimmings of Hides

2011 # freak folk
Genre: Freaky Folk Label: self This is like a salty lollipop. Norwegian Arms is a minimalist weirdo folk duo from Philadelphia by way of Siberia, made up of Keith Birthday (Brendan Mulvihill) and Dr. Awkward (Eric Slick of Dr. Dog) .Three short …
Eat Your Birthday Cake - Enemies

Eat Your Birthday Cake

2011 # indie pop
Genre: Indie Pop Label: self Eat Your Birthday Cake is the brain child of two studied jazz musicans. But before you stop reading (because jazz is no music to fuck to) - this is great indie pop music. Vocals reminds me a bit on Casiotone for the P …

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