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Waggers Over The Station - 2010 - Upekkha

Waggers Over The Station
2010 - Upekkha

That's the kind of music we are searching for. Heart-touching, brain-melting, bone-breaking. There is a reference to Microphones/Mount Eerie by the creator himself and that's the way it goes. Dark rumbling atmospheres, natural, puls …
Secret Colours - 2010 - Tomorrow Never Knows

Secret Colours
2010 - Tomorrow Never Knows

Genre: Psych, Space Pop Label: self release With their selftitled debut some weeks ago, Secret Colours reignited the Apollo 11 again to send you to the moon. Driven by space echos and wah wah guitars and some psychoactive substances as fuel. Now …
[DFBM] - The Goner - Bitemarks EP - rereleased

The Goner - Bitemarks EP - rereleased

Genre: Medieval Country Goth Psych Folk Label: Dying For Bad Music We are happy to annouce that the orphaned Bitemarks EP by The Goner from Sweden, found a new home here on DFBM. It's now a free flac/mp3 download. Five wonderful and different psy …
Submerged Canoeist - 2009 - Microcosmonaut

Submerged Canoeist
2009 - Microcosmonaut

Genre: Drone, Experimental, Ambient Label: Via Injection For me, this is the perfect soundtrack right before the day comes to an end...makes you come down and relax a bit after a long, exhausting day. In general, to my mind it´s very "laid-back"-dr …
Ancient Faces - 2010 - Wilderness Mother

Ancient Faces
2010 - Wilderness Mother

Genre: Freakout Jam Folktronica Label: Girls Are So Pretty [records] Naturalistic tribal music made by urban people I suppose. It reminds me a bit on Teeth Mountain in rhythmic patterns and a bit Animal Collective (haha nowadays nearly everythin …
[Video] Woods - Death Rattles

[Video] Woods
Death Rattles

Genre: (Freak-)Folk, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic This is the quite scary video to "Death Rattles", one of my favourite songs from the latest Woods album "At Echo Lake". It was directed by Sophia Peer. In my opinion some owls are missing...but nevertheless …
Kurt Vile - 2010 - Square Shells EP

Kurt Vile
2010 - Square Shells EP

Genre: Indie, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi Label: Matador yay, one of my favourite lo-fi singer/songwriters, Kurt Vile, has released a new ep today via matador! the best thing is, the digital version is available for free on the matablog for the next 24 hours …
Mixtape #20 - Ambiyond

Mixtape #20

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic, Electronic, Field Recording Next tape, with some nice trippy sounds, dark an bright, acoustic and electronic, inside and outside, old and new. Mostly Soundscapes for your own soundtrack being outside in the park o …
Children Egoism - 2010 - twelve

Children Egoism
2010 - twelve

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental Label: NOECHO Records Found this by randomly clicking comments on my MySpace (you know, those advertisings ;-)) It's a short ep which is really interesting. It's about dualism "Twelve" represents an alchemyc dualism …

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