Dag för Dag - 2010 - Releases EP

Dag för Dag
2010 - Releases EP

Dag för Dag - 2010 - Releases EP

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Genre: Indie Pop/Rock, Psychedelic
Label: EP for free, otherwise they released via Haldern Pop/Cargo/Snavely Contruction and one EP via Saddle Creek

Stockholm based man/woman-duo Dag för Dag creates nice indie-pop/rock with some psychedelic vibes. I don´t have any other ideas to describe it…

The first, very impressive track from this free EP, "I am the assassin", is already featured on their debut-album "BOO"; the other 4 tracks are previously unreleased, each with their own pretty journey and wonderful tale.
My personal favorite is "Marry Me (Coldplay)", a very impulsive, straight-forward piece with hypnotic drum beat and guitar melody, just like the following track that offers an incredible increase towards a very danceable upbeat finish. Whereas the last track of the EP is a slowly starting and developing but all the more wonderful laid-back psychedelic masterpiece :)

Previously they have been on tour with other more or less known bands like Handsome Furs and they are recently on European tour with their (probably more known) compatriots Shout Out Louds.
Tourdates here or at myspace.

get the "Releases"-EP here in exchange to your mail-address (really recommended/worth it)


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