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SunWalker - Yoncalla


2012 # psych folk
Eric LaPerna (tarpigh, CS) and Caleb Mulkerin (big blood, CS) Two members from the Mr. Boy Dog era Cerberus Shoal get together and make an album. All over the map sounds: from exotic percussion and strings to angular guitars and drums… repeati …
Peace Museum - January Jones

Peace Museum
January Jones

Here is a short easter sunday-bunday post. A two track digital single by Peace Museum formerly known as Apache Kid. January Jones is an awesome posty-punky-shoegaze-jump-through-your-room-sing-a-long-indie-pop-candy-egg. And with Noirish the …
Expwy - Bag of Waters

Bag of Waters

Quirky fuzz pop, with some sixties references and tons of reverb and e-organ, but without water down and drench the whole mix. Tons of surprises and good vibrations from Canada. Check out Cargo: Headstones …
Trappist Afterland - burrowing to light in the land of nod

Trappist Afterland
burrowing to light in the land of nod

This is beautiful dark and mystical music. Reminds be a bit of The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, but also on Moonwood or some other psych stuff I've posted here. Leaving the Land of Nod is a really great procession-like song. Like a …
Seabuckthorn - In Nightfall

In Nightfall

Another magician on acoustic steelstring guitar. Great soundscapes - droning, ringing, shimmering. I love the slide in Journeyed Road - is just wonderful. If you are into stuff like Cam Deas, Ilyas Ahmed and last but not least Six Organs of A …
Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay

Animal Flag
Everything Will Be Okay

This is gentle bedroom folk by young people from the States. I imagine it's a perfect listen on a sunday morning in bed. And everything will be okay... And because of the fact the lyrics to Winter's Dream resonate in me, here the …
Daniel Bachman - Live at WFMU on Irene Trudel's Show on March 26, 2012

Daniel Bachman
Live at WFMU on Irene Trudel's Show on March 26, 2012

Daniel Bachman and Zach Taylor were invited to play a set at Irene Trudel's show at Freeform Radio WFMU. The show was really great and a lot of people tuned in and really enjoyed it. As for the most livesets played at WFMU, they end up in the …
The James Badfellows - Demos

The James Badfellows

2012 # garage rock, punk
I don't know anything about this band, but I like their raw garage rock/punk. I found this at the pretty prolific but barely minded blog the modern folk music of america. Check it out and find some really nice demos and recordings from bands …
Moongazing Hare - The Sunderland Wreck

Moongazing Hare
The Sunderland Wreck

2012 # psych folk
Moongazing Hare send us a new album from his small Danish island. After the folkier Death in June cover album, he follows a more experimental approach and build up surreal soundcollages and esoteric drones. The 16 minutes centerpiece "Better All …

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