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Mixtape #35 - The Man Who Wasn't There

Mixtape #35
The Man Who Wasn't There

Genre: Surf, Rock'n'Roll, Garage, Psych, Punk, Indie something Here is the roundup of favorite music from May, Part I - another one will follow. Rad stuff as always. Hope you'll enjoy! Shannon And The Clams - The Cult Song - - 2011 - (Sleep Talk) …
I wanna be a hippy and I want to get stoned

I wanna be a hippy and I want to get stoned

Genre: Chill wave/Minimal My chill bro Diskobernd reminds me of that Dutch project Technohead, back 1995 where Chillwave called Goa and Minimal was Gabba. Enjoy! For the right retro feeling I'd choose the vid with the VIVA overlay. Well …
Sunbells Fenimore - Different Tracks

Sunbells Fenimore
Different Tracks

Genre: Tropical Drone Label: self / amdiscs Here we´ve got some pretty cool lo-fi experimental tropical drone tunes. I know, "tropical" is a rather awkward word to describe music, but I would consider "tropical" as a tag for those fuzzy melodies …
Jason the Swamp - Snakes

Jason the Swamp

Genre: Bedroom Folk, Pop Label: self After his great and epic As Is The Sun album back in 2009, it was a bit quiet about Jason Aud aka Jason the Swamp. But he spend a year recording this new album and writing music for the movie Desolation Wilder …
Breakfast in Fur - EP

Breakfast in Fur

2009 # psych pop
Genre: Indie Psych Pop Label: Analog Edition Records I posted this record some month ago. Finally these tunes find it's way from (still) free download to vinyl, via Analog Edition Records. To make it more interesting, the LP contains a bonus trac …
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - All Women Are Created Evul

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
All Women Are Created Evul

Genre: singer-songwriter, lo-fi blues Label: self Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith from Florida, playing some kind of stripped down old time blues. Just guitar and her voice. Imagine she's sitting in her room, wearing vintage dresses and into …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - Phlegm Realm

Land of Blood and Sunshine
Phlegm Realm

Genre: lofi weirdo psych garage pop Label: Woah! Boat Records Dying For Bad Music darlings Land of Blood and Sunshine (seems we share the same love for crude long names containing cruelity and love, life and death, shit and shine etc. blabla) fin …
Greg Cee - Demos

Greg Cee

Genre: raw garage rock'n'roll Label: self/white moon recordings This guy plays rude, noisy and fuzzy garage punk/blues/rock'n'roll. Put on your blue suede shoes, arrange the collar of your leather jacket and grab your girl for a rude pogo twist. …
Mavis the Dog - The Second Album

Mavis the Dog
The Second Album

2010 # lofi, indie pop
Genre: LoFi Folk/Pop Label: self Reminds me a lot of early early of Montreal and the whole Elephant 6 Collective stuff. Sunshine pop & lousy quality Lousy quality, good music. Like a lollipop that fell into the dirt. Somehow ... Checkout t …

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