Land of Blood and Sunshine
Phlegm Realm

Land of Blood and Sunshine - Phlegm Realm

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Genre: lofi weirdo psych garage pop
Label: Woah! Boat Records

Dying For Bad Music darlings Land of Blood and Sunshine (seems we share the same love for crude long names containing cruelity and love, life and death, shit and shine etc. blabla) finally released a 4 track 7" on Woah! Boat records. There is nothing more to add since the last posts. They have a knack with beautiful melodies and the rude power of stoned hippies (this doesn't make any sense, I know... just skip to the record).
One of the most unique and underestimated bands today. But I think the last part will change when the Daytrotter Session come out (hopefully soon). So order the 7" from Woah! Boat Records (it's limited for sure). If you live in Europe and want to save some money (means postage) you can order it here on this site, as soon as the discs arrived.

In the meantime stream that new LOBAS release on their bandcamp or buy it from there.

11/10 (Eleven Points from Germoney!)

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