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Braden J McKenna - Unknown/Demos

Braden J McKenna

Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk Sounds like Navigator and Braden J McKenna himself ;-) - ok, imagine a more lighter Mt Eerie, with some pieces of Woods and a drunk Arcade Fire crew . Can you still listen to that whiny voice of Braden J McKenna/Navigator? Yes? …
Navigator - 2007 - Throwing Tongues

2007 - Throwing Tongues

Genre: Lo-Fi Folk Pop Label: Magic Goat If you like Neutral Milk Hotel, Woods and similar lo-fi rumblings More pearls by Navigator. Throwing Tongues is more that acoustic, folky style. But not only, there is enough space for feedback guitars and …
WYLD WYZRDZ - 2009 - Light Upon Light, Wave upon Wave

2009 - Light Upon Light, Wave upon Wave

Lo-Fi, Shoegaze Magic Goat If you like the previous post ;-) you need this, too This is similar to the previous post of Navigator, the Lo-Fi Folk outfit by Braden J McKenna from Utah. But Wyld Wyzrds is less folk and more ambient. Lo-Fi ambient, may …
Navigator - Bad Children

Bad Children

2009 # lo-fi, freak folk
Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk Label: Magic Goat If you like the Woods and catchy poppy lo-fi tunes with lot distortion (Neutral Milk Hotel?;-)!) While listen to this record, I get that heart touching feeling like when listened to the Woods, the first time. I k …

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