Braden J McKenna - Unknown/Demos

Braden J McKenna

Braden J McKenna - Unknown/Demos

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Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk
Sounds like Navigator and Braden J McKenna himself ;-) - ok, imagine a more lighter Mt Eerie, with some pieces of Woods and a drunk Arcade Fire crew .

Can you still listen to that whiny voice of Braden J McKenna/Navigator? Yes? Then here some new stuff I am diggin out from the depths of digital music download portals which no one know. This time from Soundclick.

This seems to be pre- Navigator stuff under his own name. And it turns to one of my favorite from him (beside Bad Children). It's not that distorted rock stuff. It's more that folky Throwing Tongues stuff. But with more experimentation/instrumentations inside. Trashy keyboard rhythms, stereolab like e-organ drones, backward guitars.
It got parts of Mt Eerie singalongs with a choir, it got some parts of Woods and it got a lot of psychy folky homerecording blizz.
If you like, pre-listen on soundclick - but it's worth to download this album unlisten. Trust me ;-). Enjoy!
there are 27 short songs - here are some of my favorite:
  • The Pomegranate The Apple Tree And The Bramble
  • Give Said The Little Stream
  • Blood Oh My!
  • Oh My! A Bee
  • Ghost With Out Arms, Legs, Mouth

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