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Woodworkings - 2010 - we sit on floors...

2010 - we sit on floors...

Genre: Post-Rock, Instrumental, Ambient Label: Future Recordings (you can also find other good post-rock stuff there, like the tumbled sea) just a short post in the morning...right after waking up this seems to be a good soundtrack. I´m actually no …
Secret Colours - 2010 - s/t

Secret Colours
2010 - s/t

Genre: Sixties Psychedelic Pop Label: selfrelease in August 2010 If you like Tame Impala, Syd Barrett, Pretty Things or better, rusty unknown sixties garage psych pop from obscure compilations Chicago five piece retro band, with retro sound, retro a …
Vehicle Blues - 2010 - Changer

Vehicle Blues
2010 - Changer

Genre: Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Shoegaze Label: Bridgetown Records Ok…just a little advertising :) This is the latest release from Bridgetown Records. Vehicle Blues is the project of Gabe Holcombe and he creates simple (bedroom) pop songs with shoegaz …
Junip - 2010 - Robe and Summit

2010 - Robe and Summit

Genre: Krautrock, Indie Pop Label: Mute (release it physically) Swedens Junip offer you their new EP for free, just for giving away your soul. Ok, it's just your e-mail adress. But how do they sound like? I would say perfect, laid back and spacey in …
Slow Animal - 2010 - s/t

Slow Animal
2010 - s/t

Genre: Garage Rock, Something with Surf and Beach and Fuzz Between Crystal Stilts and Wavves... Does it mean something if Pitchfork mentioned them? I don't know. It's not bad, but I fear I will forget these tracks after the first and second listen. …
Raindear? - 2008 - Sketches EP

2008 - Sketches EP

Genre: Folktronica, Ambient, Electroacoustic Label: Parallax Sounds A special 9 track ep of lovely chilled out electroacoustic folktronica music. Raindear? are 2 music artists "Sergei Dmitriev" and "Danila Holodkov" and they both live in Saint Pet …
Kurt Vile - 2010 - Square Shells EP

Kurt Vile
2010 - Square Shells EP

Genre: Indie, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi Label: Matador yay, one of my favourite lo-fi singer/songwriters, Kurt Vile, has released a new ep today via matador! the best thing is, the digital version is available for free on the matablog for the next 24 hours …
Long Voyage - 2010 - Spring Fair EP

Long Voyage
2010 - Spring Fair EP

Genre: Indie Pop/Folk Label: Thank you for the Postcard If you like Bright Eyes and similar... Well crafted music with violine male/female vocals, acoustic guitar and all the nice stuff to make it pop in like sunbeams through the fresh leaves on spr …
Easyboy - 2009 - Friends

2009 - Friends

Genre: Lo-Fi, Trash Pop Label: Spooky Town, Makers of Things Easyboy is an sideproject by Truman Peyote member Eric Farber. Friends was released as a tape and now it's free available from the label site. A handful of weird but worth to listen experi …

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