Easyboy - 2009 - Friends

2009 - Friends

Easyboy - 2009 - Friends

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Genre: Lo-Fi, Trash Pop
Label: Spooky Town, Makers of Things

Easyboy is an sideproject by Truman Peyote member Eric Farber. Friends was released as a tape and now it's free available from the label site.
A handful of weird but worth to listen experimental, lo-fi pop songs.
Backward voices and forward drumming, melodies out of tune and distortion in key.

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PS: Spooky Town recently released a new Mountainhood tape, called Shine, Shine. Got it today in my mailbox.
As I'd hoped, again fine strange freaky folk "and just about always full of plenty of goblin voices"
Regrettably the cover/artwork stuff is a bit sloppy. 8 tiny b/w, tack-welded pages with some drawings and collages by Michael Hilde. It's a drawback compared to the first class low - fidelity recordings. But check it out, I like it.

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