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dfbm #71 - Not On Air Tonight

dfbm #71
Not On Air Tonight

Welcome to another dfbm online mix. First, I tried to bring this mix to spotify, even if I don't like the idea, I realized that is how many listen to music. But it didn't work. First, it was not easy to convert my playlist to a spotify playli …
Motorama - Empty Bed

Empty Bed

Genre: Post Punk, Wave Label: self After their highly appreciated album Alps, it was a bit quiet around Motorama. They were on Europe tour (and we were lucky enough to see them in Leipzig) and released just the single One Moment. But today they …
Motorama - 2010 - Alps

2010 - Alps

Genre: Post-Punk, New Wave Label: selfreleased This is some really good post-punk/new wave or new new wave or whatever you might call it for fans of Interpol or Editors. They might hear this comparison very often, but it´s obviously. The voice real …
Unpleasant Surprise - 1993 - The Fear EP

Unpleasant Surprise
1993 - The Fear EP

Genre: New/No Wave, Post Punk, Experimental Label: Irre Tapes (GER) Next part of my serie of "gone music from my teen years" or so :). This was introduced to me, by a friend 15 years ago, on tape. Never get this out of my mind and today a get a digi …
[FMA] Black Math - 2010 - #1

[FMA] Black Math
2010 - #1

Genre: Lofi/NoFi Shoegaze, Cold Wave If you like Cold Cave or Former Ghost and such eighties retro shit. we don't hate, we congratulate! nice motto on their MySpace site :) Well, this release start with Eyes Water, a lonely stoic beating drumbox in …

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