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Easyboy - 2009 - Friends

2009 - Friends

Genre: Lo-Fi, Trash Pop Label: Spooky Town, Makers of Things Easyboy is an sideproject by Truman Peyote member Eric Farber. Friends was released as a tape and now it's free available from the label site. A handful of weird but worth to listen experi …
River Water - 2009 - Long Lake

River Water
2009 - Long Lake

Genre: Bedroom fuzz pop I am a bit confused, you can download this album at an ominous music download shop called zunior or for free at mediafire (from his myspace) or oder a cd. Anyway - we are for the free version, but if you like it, you know wha …
Bridgetown Records Samplers

Bridgetown Records Samplers

Genre: Pop/Post Punk, Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Some Ambient... Label: Bridgetown Records (Who would have guessed that?^^) Bridgetown Records is a CD and cassette tape label based in City of Industry, CA, focused on releasing music by friends near and far …
Bakers At Dawn - old and new releases for freeeee

Bakers At Dawn
old and new releases for freeeee

Genre: Bedroom Pop Label: Selfrelease on Bandcamp If you like Chad VanGaalen and similar! Some month before I posted the great "You Must Hide Your Love Forever" by Bakers at Dawn from Sweden. It turned out, that this was on heavy rotation in my ster …
[Video] Liam The Younger

[Video] Liam The Younger

Genre: Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi Folk Liam The Younger play nice Lo-Fi Folk songs on his former records.You can get them all here on his website. I recommend "After the Graveyard" with the two wonderful songs This Land Pt 2 and Songs for Living, which in …

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