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dfbm #79 - Every Place Is Home

dfbm #79
Every Place Is Home

Hello to a new year! I hope you all had a grand ending of 2015 and a nice start into 2016. Nobody can predict the future so we have to rely on our dreams and hopes and most important to our ability to do things, to move into the right direction. Enou …
Generifus - I don't have to worry

I don't have to worry

Bedroom Pop, Singer-Songwriter Generifus is Spencer Sult from Olympia, WA and if you hear Olympia, WA the well(in)formed indiefan thinks on KRecords, Karl Blau, Adrian Orange and Phil the Elverum... So after dropping these names you know the dire …
Bronze Float - Meridian

Bronze Float

2011 # indie pop
Genre: Softy McSoftPop Label: r.c. legacy records I am in a really bad mood somehow, and it turns out I play this record again and again. Softy McSoftPop, quite right for these short days. Play it at low volume! These guys are friends of Justin …
Mixtape #38 - I left for you

Mixtape #38
I left for you

Genre: folk, indie, psych - what else The shit we listen to on heavy rotation. Most of the stuff you will find here on blog, so come back and grab the files if you like a track. Hope you'll enjoy. Macaw - Five Minutes At the Rainforest Cafe - - 2 …
Mixtape #37 - Summer´s Bliss

Mixtape #37
Summer´s Bliss

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie Surf Electro Folk Noise Pop I must admit that I haven´t done a mixtape since…perceived ages. So this is finally a new one and a very good one, too, without being conceited ;-) It should not be kind of a "real" summer mixtap …
Mixtape #36 - Merry Go Round and Round

Mixtape #36
Merry Go Round and Round

Genre: Folk, Psych, LoFi, Folktronica, Acoustic String Instruments on 4Track Recorders So this is Part II, but this time more laid back and weird folky stuff. Just for the record, The Dreamend track is an alternative mix from their last record "S …
Vollmar - Island in the River

Island in the River

Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Acoustic/LoFi Label: Crossroads of America Records This totally reminds me on an acoustic solo session of early Microphones. A boy with guitar on an open window/in the backyard, record some songs on his guitar. Lot's of o …

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