I don't have to worry

Generifus - I don't have to worry

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Bedroom Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Generifus is Spencer Sult from Olympia, WA and if you hear Olympia, WA the well(in)formed indiefan thinks on KRecords, Karl Blau, Adrian Orange and Phil the Elverum... So after dropping these names you know the direction. I would mention Vollmar and Bronze Float, too.

Pretty good songs here, seems a bit underrated, but it's never too late. 

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Spencer was kind enough to write down the lyrics of this album. So here they are. Thanks Spencer!

1. Your rules

I never saw you before the day I saw you and then once you were gone I wanted to see you again

Sometimes your dreams won't come true and nothing good will happen to you, then everything you want all comes to you at once.

You never shrink and you'll never grow,
You'll never come and you'll never go,
You'll never live and you'll never die,
If these are the rules that you're going by

1st verse repeats
Chorus repeats

2. These leaves

When the leaves fell from the trees, 
I noticed it more than before,
And I could see you from afar,
Through the empty trees

These leaves are higher than me,
So I can't walk and I can barely see.

When I got closer I could see what you looked like to someone who cared too much.
And I could see what I looked like to someone who can't know me.


3. Back seat

I was sitting in the backseat and we were almost back to school
You jumped up and sat back there with me and started to kiss me

It was the last time that we could pretend.
I hoped it wasn't my fault that it had to end.

4. And I tried

Have I tried enough? Clearly not, I still find myself thinking about those, those nights back in the fall. 

We were together but we weren't really there at all.

And I tried to get you out

And I tried.

Back when every night was cold, I needed someone there all the time to keep me warm. 

But now I know what what I needed all along, were days like these outside and basking in the sun.

And I tried to forget.

And I tried.

Repeat chorus,

5. In my cave

Resting under the hill, you made me hide in a cave, until I felt so warm, and then you told me I had to leave.

Its so hard to sleep in the cold, 
In my cave I'm always warm.
Oh its so hard to sleep in the cold,
And in my cave I'm always warm.

Running until the trail becomes hidden, 
My path is covered in leaves.
Telling me I have to find my own way,
Back into that cave.


Rather unsure how much tomorrow will hurt, I get warm in the way that I'm used to,
While trying to sleep outside and dreaming about that cave.

6. Can't say

I cant feel what's outside my head, I can't say that I understand.
I told myself I thought I knew, even though it wasn't true.

I'm always wishing I could speak, I bet you're hoping I don't speak.
Some things mean a lot to me, I've got a strong memory.

Lies won't do that much you see. Don't forget you have all of me.
I've got my body, don't mistake. But I left my heart inside a tape.

And when someone else takes you to bed, ill still be the one who puts you to sleep.

7. Sold

You sold out,
You sold your love, 
While I kept mine,
To myself.

8. Changes

I was waiting for a new idea.
We got close and it started coming to me.
Then we touched and I could hear the music.
So I played it for everyone to hear.

I can't thing when everybodys screaming.
I got lost and couldn't see or hear you.
Playing those songs was the only way to remember.
But I'm coming back so please start getting ready.

9. Some days

Some days I've got to hide away from you because I feel so strange.
And some days my secrets eat away at my heart and leave me stunned in pain.

Some days I spend all my time in my head.

Some days I forget what its like, so I vow that I'll find out again.

And somedays the truth, it seems so clear. Its not hard, I know there's something there.

Some days I wish I coukd get in your head.

These days I take what I can get.

Its not much but it keeps my feet wet.

And these days I'm feeling all used up, but I"ll die before I ever give up.

10. Good graces.

I've come back in good graces.
I'm back home and the grass is still wet.
Outside with just one shirt on.
My "god" knows how to keep me warm.

And I don't have to worry.
I don't have to worry now.

I've found heaven truthfully.
I wait and toil until you need,
Nights spent lying next to me.
The only time I ever sleep.



I don't have to worry


11. Waiting

The distance I tried caused days to pass me by.
I tried and tried with nothing by my side.

And wheter or not you know, I was waiting. 

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