dfbm #79 - Every Place Is Home

dfbm #79
Every Place Is Home

dfbm #79 - Every Place Is Home

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Hello to a new year! I hope you all had a grand ending of 2015 and a nice start into 2016. Nobody can predict the future so we have to rely on our dreams and hopes and most important to our ability to do things, to move into the right direction.

Enough kitchen philosophy, more music for kitchens.

For this mix I went through my archive and picked some of my favorite songs that I probably already used for mixtapes before. I wanted to pair those lesser known old gems with the unkown new ones that I found along the way.

As example, there is a song from my favorite Zarachy Cale record "Walking Papers" from 2008. I think I downloaded this record from some private music blog first and I was hooked. Zach is one of the most hard working musicians I know (all musicians who make a living from their music are hard working). I am glad that last year a good label put some faith in him and released his 5th album.

Justin Vollmar is another all-time fave who disappeared from the internet is supposed to release a new record in 2016. I am really looking forward to that.

Bob Brown is some forgotten loner-folk/singer/songwriter who recently played his first concert after 30 years, with Ryley Walker's band as backing. This was at the Tompkins Square Anniversary concert and yes, there is a connection  - TS will reissue Bob Brown's first LP.

Damon McMahon released a solo album after his Indie pop band Inouk broke up and before he released more weird psych folk as Amen Dunes. It's a nice album.

Low - Fye was one of the first Dying For Bad Music releases. Unfortunately it went completely unnoticed because either Low - Fye nor DFBM had any reputation at this time.

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  1. Vollmar ~ The Old Man Is Coming Home(from Every Place is Home, 2002) amazon
  2. Promised Land Sound ~ She Takes Me There(from For Use and Delight, 2015, 2015) web
  3. Craig Extine ~ Holy Fountain(from Craig Extine and the Exiles EP, 2015) web
  4. Mikah Sykes ~ For A Love My Grace(from Love Consequences and Serenity, 2012) web
  5. Knots ~ The End By Foot(from White River of White Lies, 2012) web
  6. Dusty Stray ~ Alibi(from A Tree Fell, 2014) web
  7. Kyle Fosburgh ~ Fruit of the Vine(from One Night, 2015) web
  8. Ralph McTell ~ Genesis I Verse 20(from You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here, 1971) amazon
  9. Nadia Reid ~ Runway(from Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs, 2015) web
  10. Sam Moss ~ Vertebrae(from Pitkin County Morning EP, 2015) web
  11. Low - Fye ~ Underneath The Flood(from You Keep Them, 2010) web
  12. Moongazing Hare ~ Punk Is Dead(from Unpublished, 2015, 2015) web
  13. Sandra Sarra ~ Daisy Walks(from Daisy Walks, 2010) amazon
  14. Dan Flynn and The State of Things ~ Blanket in the snow(from Preparing for Flight, 2015) web
  15. Andrew Bowsher ~ Louis Collins(from 12 New Tunes (for Strings & Things), 2015) web
  16. Greg Mullen and The Cosmic American Band ~ Indiana(from There Are AMERICAS Beyond This America, 2013) web
  17. Lucas Paine ~ Hunting For Anne(from Black Ram, 2015) web
  18. Knots ~ Woodsmoke(from The Blistering Sun, The Pale Moon, Hahahaha, 2009) web
  19. Damon McMahon ~ Somewhere in France(from Mansions, 2006) amazon
  20. Simon Joyner & The Fallen Men ~ Flower On Her Birthday(from The Motorcycle Accident, 1999) amazon
  21. Donovan Quinn ~ Laughing City(from Honky Tonk Medusa, 2012) web
  22. Kurt Vile ~ Way Back Then (John Prine)(from Parallelogram, 2015) web
  23. Vollmar ~ Island in the River(from Island in the River, 2010) web
  24. Peter Bonneman ~ Nabo(from Split, 2009) web
  25. Ruth Garbus ~ Falling Down To Earth(from Rendezvous With Rama, 2010) web
  26. Zachary Cale ~ Tell Tale(from Walking Papers, 2008) web
  27. Bob Brown ~ It Takes the World To Make a Feather Fall(from 2015-10-09 Tompkins Square 10th Anniversary, Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY, 2015) web
  28. David Kilgour ~ Blueprint(from Here Come The Cars, 1991) amazon
  29. Fountainsun ~ Witness the Wonder(from Music Today, 2015) web
  30. Fionn Regan ~ Hunters Map(from The End Of History, 2006) amazon
  31. Wes Tirey ~ Final Resting Place(from I Stood Among Trees, 2013) web
  32. Myriam Gendron ~ The Red Dress(from Not So Deep As A Well, 2014) web


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