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Least Carpet ~ Back Alley

Least Carpet ~ Back Alley

2014 # psych folk
When I released the first Least Carpet EP digitally in 2010 I was pretty sure that a real physical release and more international attention will follow soon. His Eastern Europe inspired Psych Folk was masterfully executed and it wasn't presumptuo …
Least Carpet - II

Least Carpet

2012 # psych folk
Quietly another Least Carpet release appeared on the Dying For Bad Music label. It's the successor of Least Carpet's wonderful debut, even if Marco Martini released some more in the meantime. So this seems like a lose collection of songs …
Rokuro-Kubi - Yûrei yashiki

Kubi - Yûrei yashiki

2011 # psychedelic
Genre: chamber music / haunted greenhouse music Label: sicsic This project is a collaboration between psych folk musican Least Carpet and ghost storyteller Baldruin, both may known for their split-tape some weeks ago. For their new collaboration, …
​Least Carpet / Baldruin - Split Tape

​Least Carpet / Baldruin
Split Tape

Genre: Psych Folk/Experimental Label: sicsic Tapes Something new from our beloved Least Carpet project, here on a split tape with Baldruin. Both artist are related to the Phantom Limbo crew, who are very prolific event manager, musicans, radio ma …
[NEW!] DFBM presents: Aalfang mit Pferdekopf & Least Carpet - first labeloutput

[NEW!] DFBM presents: Aalfang mit Pferdekopf & Least Carpet
first labeloutput

Genre: Psych Folk, Ambient Label: Dying For Bad Music With some little delay we started our label and present you two really great releases. The first is Aalfang mit Pferdekopf, a german experimental project dedicated to the surreal athmosphere of N …
Least Carpet - 2009 - s/t EP

Least Carpet
2009 - s/t EP

Genre: Psych Folk Label: self release Similar to A Broken Consort, Thuja, Jewelled Antler Collective stuff Highly recommend music for psych lovers.It has the reverbed tearing, out of tune violine sounds in the background, some slightly fuzzed gu …

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