Rokuro-Kubi - Yûrei yashiki

Rokuro-Kubi are Marko Martini and Johannes Schebler.

Live Sessions recorded between 2010 and 2011 in Würzburg, Germany.

Released on the German label "sicsic" as sicsic006
in an handnumbered edition of 75.

Cover Artwork by Johannes Schebler

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Kubi - Yûrei yashiki

Rokuro-Kubi - Yûrei yashiki

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Genre: chamber music / haunted greenhouse music
Label: sicsic

This project is a collaboration between psych folk musican Least Carpet and ghost storyteller Baldruin, both may known for their split-tape some weeks ago. For their new collaboration, they used the imaginary world of far east ghost stories and put it over their improvised acoustic experimental music. It sounds a bit like a recording in a big greenhouse and this picture leads me to Thuja - Ghost Plants. Rokuro-Kubi is not as perfect as the said Thuja album, but it has it's moments. Even if it is the moment when you dialing through the radio-waves late at night and hit Deutschlandfunk - Forum Neue Musik accidentally.
Available as limited tape cdr on sicsic, stream the whole thing for now.


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