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2012 # post-punk
From the fields of American Primitive music I need to take a short trip to Russia for one of the favorite bands of the DFBM staff. Motorama is maybe the most popular* band from Russia to date. One may criticize them for their obvious Joy Div …
Motorama - To The South (new song+video)

To The South (new song+video)

Today, Motorama published a new song as video. They are in the progress of recording new material, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime watch this video and move your body to this nice up tempo track or just watch the group freaking out in the w …
Motorama - Empty Bed

Empty Bed

Genre: Post Punk, Wave Label: self After their highly appreciated album Alps, it was a bit quiet around Motorama. They were on Europe tour (and we were lucky enough to see them in Leipzig) and released just the single One Moment. But today they …
Motorama - 2011 - One Moment

2011 - One Moment

Genre: Post-Punk Label: self Motorama, our Post-Punk heroes from Russia released a single track after their wonderful album Alps. They hit the DFBM 2010 Toplist on position 4 and thrilled us with their much darker project Утро. They are on t …
Утро - 2010 - Утро

2010 - Утро

Do you remember Motorama? I hope so. Because Утро is kind of a side project of those Russian Post-Punkers. But by comparison they are very different. Ok, the typical post-punk-elements like the gloomy voice stay, but whereas Motorama got a more & …
Motorama - 2010 - Alps

2010 - Alps

Genre: Post-Punk, New Wave Label: selfreleased This is some really good post-punk/new wave or new new wave or whatever you might call it for fans of Interpol or Editors. They might hear this comparison very often, but it´s obviously. The voice real …

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