Утро - 2010 - Утро

2010 - Утро

Утро - 2010 - Утро

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Do you remember Motorama? I hope so. Because Утро is kind of a side project of those Russian Post-Punkers. But by comparison they are very different. Ok, the typical post-punk-elements like the gloomy voice stay, but whereas Motorama got a more "positive" (if it is possible to use this word for description) vibe, Утро are darker and more straightforward with those impelling beats but missing fancy bits. And of course there is the language. I don´t understand any Russian word at all, so Утро got this "exotic" touch (whereas the English lyrics of Motorama by comparison equal fancy singalongs^^) due to the Russian language (like German e.g.) owns a relatively rough sound compared to other "softer" sounding languages. Hmm...I hope you know what I mean. If not, give it a listen...

download the selftitled debut lp here

there is also another ep with some rougher, almost lo-fi (post-)punksongs available here



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